55 Gallon Water Barrel
55 Gallon Water Barrel

Watering gardens and lawns - Conserving water should be everyone's goal. If it rains a little or a lot, your 55
gallon water barrel will pay for itself in no time. Simply attach a 55 gallon water barrel to your down spout and
begin saving rain water. You can use this water for your gardens and lawns. Save on your water bill by letting
mother nature help you out. But if you have an asphalt roof or composite shingles, you probably don't want to
use the saved rain water on your vegetable crops.

Emergency water - Sometimes accidents happen or mother nature sends a weather even that contaminates
our drinking water. 55 gallon water barrels can hold enough drinking water to help many families get through
these times. You can seal up these water barrels after adding a simple preservative to the water which
makes it safe to drink and store for quite some time. Many preservatives will allow the water to remain
drinkable for many years (read the labeling). You'll want to get a hose that is safe for drinking water too,
otherwise, lead contamination from your garden variety hose may become a concern.

Rain Barrel - A 55 gallon water barrel is easy to install and requires little or no maintenance. Simply follow the
instructions that come with your rain barrel and begin saving water immediately. Or you can
make your own
rain barrel from scratch. You'll be the hit of the neighborhood as word gets out that you're saving water in this
unique way. Your friends, family and neighbors will enjoy hearing your stories of water conservation and how
the 55 gallon water barrel makes it so easy.

Many of the rain barrels are very attractive and actually add to the aesthetic value of your landscape. Some are
crafted to look like a decorative planter. No longer are you limited to using a plain blue rain barrel, as they
come in a variety of colors and finishes. If you decide on a rain barrel with a plain finish, you can always paint
your own designs on them or make it a family art project, complete with pebble or crushed glass mosaics.
The ideas are endless.

Remember, each gallon of water weighs about 8 pounds. So once you have a place for your 55 gallon water
barrel (that's 440 pounds), you'll probably not want to move it. So make sure you've prepared the location for
your use. Also, make sure you have all the accessories you'll need and a long enough hose that will reach the
areas you want.
55 Gallon Water Barrel

55 gallon water barrels, stainless steel and plastic drums, and accessories.

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barrels. There's nothing like t
hese when you're trying to save water. Imagine all the rain water that could be
saved in a
rain barrel. This extra water could be put to many good uses after it is collected in a 55 gallon water

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Water barrel in use
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